We have done extensive research on this technology.  In the last five years we have used this technology on thousands of patients with great success. There is general agreement among those who specialize in Ozone Therapies that this is the best way to treat anyone with almost any disorder.  We believe it is the most effect Ozone treatment there is.
Because of the effectiveness of this therapy and the great need for it worldwide I have decided to teach interested parties.  It is not an inexpensive therapy to set up, however it has the potential to treat many people and so the cost per person can make it quite inexpensive in the end.   The cost to operate, once set up, is small.

There are only a few people in the world who are experienced with this procedure and it needs to be done correctly.  It is not a place for the home experimenter to adventure.  At the very least, if it is not done correctly it can be ineffective. And the very worst case scenario is that it can take your life.  So a qualified therapist and technician is absolutely essential for setting up an RHP unit.  And when the practitioner is thoroughly trained they can treat patients with confidence and no concern regarding adverse effects.

This is truly the most incredible healing modality ever devised and is the medicine of the future.


What you are seeing here is the very dark, almost black, unhealthy blood as it leaves the body of the patient..  The other hose with the red blood is what it looks like after it is treated with ozone.  You can see the dramatic change in the color of the blood.  It is now clean and is the color of healthy blood and is ready for reintroduction to the blood stream.



Liquefied Plaque and fat flowing in tube above

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