I believe that more than 90% of modern medicine could
disappear from the face of the earth and the effect would
be immediate and beneficial." Robert Mendelsohn in
" Confessions of a Medical Heretic"

The last few years has put me in close contact with terminal patients
of every description, and folks I have heard horror story after horror
story :
>The heart patients who are talked into surgeries only to find out a few
years later that their legs must be amputated because the arteries from
their legs were removed for use in the heart and their legs began to

>The long gruesome bouts with chemical warfare - chemotherapy and radiation
poisoning that is used with no regard to the toxic limits of the body,
resulting in vomiting, complete hair loss, severe headaches, with every
conceivable internal organ pushed to the limits of toxicity -- and all in
the name of healing?

>Every conceivable appendage amputated, even though in many cases simple
herbal therapies would have worked. This is medicine???

I have listened to medical failure after medical failure when it comes to
cancer, arthritis, AIDS, diabetes and many of the new diseases that are
surfacing. Did you know that chemotherapy does permanent
heart damage? Did you know that by taking COQ10 that heart
damage can be prevented? Your MD won't tell you this! Even though
there is substantial research to verify the effectiveness of this
essential enzyme, our political and medical dictatorship tells its doctors
to say no!

Hundreds of valuable products are being suppressed and kept
from the public, by the law that says only medical doctors can give
out medical advice. People, we are going to have to change this!

We must demand rights for herbalists and naturopaths, so they can
at least give you their educated opinion and advice! We must also
demand that the doctors of today become more educated in nutrition
and the hundreds of nontoxic alternative medications that are available.

If they don't want to be re-educated and chose to remain stiff-necked
about alternative medicine, it is important that you simply find new ones.
Don't sneak your alternative health approaches around your doctor, tell them
what you are doing. If they don't know anything about it, explain it to
them! If they say it is useless, then that will tell you a
great deal about your doctor and his/her education.

If your medical doctor thinks you are nuts when you ask about taking
vitamins or doing ozone or a parasite program, it is time to find a new
doctor! There is a whole new generation of up and coming doctors and health
care professionals who will be happy to study and learn nontoxic medicine
and will be dedicated once again to finding the cures for disease.

You simply have to say no to some of these outrageous practices
they call medicine and support the alternatives. Demand alternatives, of
which there are thousands. Buy books, research natural remedies, support
the alternative health movement. You have the constitutional right to live
your life as you see fit. You also have the constitutional right to
self-medicate, which means you can give
yourself herbs and vitamins, provided we don't sit by and let them
be outlawed!

Many of these doctors have so much at stake they have turned into
professional sales people and shrewd business men instead of healers. They
use every trick in the salesman's pocket reference to convince the patient
that more tests, surgery and drugs are needed. If the patient doesn't
agree, then they use scare tactics and complete emotional manipulation. If
that doesn't work they give your prozac, so you get so screwed up you'll do

They are masters at this. They have had years of practice. "You're going
to die," they say. People, we are all going to die and the sooner everyone
gets a grip on that fact the better. You can't beat the death process, but
you can make choices that will make your life a pleasure to live while you
are here! And even if you are going to die soon, how about death with a
little dignity? Let's keep the hair on our heads and the organs in our
bodies. Dying is a very important human transitional process and should be
done in peace at home. It should be done as drug free as possible. It is
very simple, very natural and should not be feared. When your time is up,
it's up.

Medical science is experimenting on people and in many cases
instigating and prolonging agony in a fatal illness all based on the
fear they can instill in their patients surrounding death. This is done
for money, no other reason. I have seen countless people walk away
from their MD with a death sentence, only to live and prosper using
alternative medicines and lifestyles. If you are new to natural medicine,
start trying it and using it. If you are skilled with it, then teach and

Everyone's got to do their part to change this abomination we call
Mainstream Medicine.