Ozone Therapy Video Cast Members

Mike Shannon, MD,
Former Deputy-Surgeon General of Canada,
Coordinator of Canadian government ozone research 1986-1995


Michael Shannon, MD, MSc, MA, has thirty years of experience in medical leadership roles with government and industry. Dr. Shannon has served as the Director General for the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control at Health Canada, the Chief Medical Advisor to the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Health Protection Branch, and the Director General of the Canadian Blood Secretariat within Health Canada. He also served as the Deputy Surgeon General for the Canadian forces.

Director, U.S. National Institute For Allergies
and Infectious Diseases, the U.S. government
department responsible for AIDS research

Dr. Michael Carpendale

Former Chief of Rehabilitative Medicine,
San Francisco Veteran’s Administration Hospital
Co-author, Ozone Inactivates HIV
at Non-Cytotoxic Concentrations
(The Journal of Anti viral Research, 1991)

Dr. Bernard Poiesz

Director of Syracuse University Oncology Center,
Co-author, Inactivation of HIV Type 1 by Ozone In Vitro
(Blood Journal Oct. 11, 1991, p. 1882)

Dr. Horst Kief

Director, The Kief Clinic
Iffezheim, Germany
Dr. Kief has treated thousands of patients with ozone

Nick Nolte

Academy award nominee and ozone patient.
Interview and appearance on Larry King live on Ozone Therapy.

Dr. Robert Atkins

His work with HIV and Cancer overshadowed by Diet Guru Status.
He risked his medical license to keep so called terminal patients alive.

Robert Gallo, M.D.  

World-renowned Scientist & Co-discoverer of the HIV virus

Robert Gallo, M.D., director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute and professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, is considered one of the world’s leading AIDS researchers.  He received the 2001 World Health Award for “extraordinary scientific research that revolutionized medicine, and improves our lives.”


Will Lyman

A nationally acclaimed documentary narrator, Lyman has acted as the series narrator for “PBS Frontline”.  He is one of the best documentary narrators of all time.

There are many, many more……