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Ozone Therapies

Ozone Therapies work – this is a scientific fact. If we could only remove human ego from the equations we would leap ahead in removing unnecessary settings on a mass scene and be able to save millions of lives. ” The full book extract below is a ‘graphic’ demonstration on how far reaching non drug modalities are usurped one way or another at great personal expense to those trying to use these to help others. Peter Jovanovic, through his long standing experience in dealing with near terminal patients, mostly in the third world, has refined ozone therapies to an fine art. His refinement of *RPH technology and/or advanced use of oxidative knowledge should be an asset to any one or any practitioner wanting to learn and use this Medical Ozone technology and protocols. Read More…

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  • The Ozone Therapy Story

    “The doctors and I embarked on a very aggressive course of Medical Ozone modalities in an attempt to save this mans life. It was touch and go, no two ways about it. The more we applied the protocols, one small improvement and then another surfaced. After a couple of weeks of ozone therapeutic applications by direct IV injections, *Recirculatory Hemoperfusion combined with ozone insufflations and hydrogen peroxide baths, Festus was able to move a little. His countenance was better and he started to have a confrontational attitude known to African men. Unsightly, peeled skin was being replaced with fresh, baby like skin. The color of his eyes returned, and one and all joked that this was not really Festus.” Read More

  • The Free Radical Debate Explained

    “This debate has been going on and on and on, it is the reason for a demand for anti-oxidents. Now, what if all that was a hoax. When God first created man, man enjoyed oxygen content in our atmosphere of 38.2 percent. This is proven fact, established by the American Geological Society who dug up amber crystals going back to the Crustaceous Period, and trapped in those amber crystals were segments of air. Following analysis, this air confirmed that when this dear old planet commenced the genetic formations of life, that all living creatures not only enjoyed an oxygen rich environment, but could also eat vegetation that was also oxygen rich. This kept disease at bay. There are primarily two sets of organisms on this planet: Aerobic and anaerobic. Read More

  • Everybody has a cure…..

    “Sick and tired of all the hype? Think that it is all just a way to part you with your wallet? Instead of answers you seem to have more questions? Need a neutral source….. “You are what you eat!” Nature has an inherent power of self-correction, if given an opportunity. Those who live close to nature, in spiritual and physicals terms, are those who find life most satisfying in these terms, if we observe various birds and animals, we shall see that they remain healthy so long as they freely in nature and are not caught and kept as pets. Read More

Ozone Therapy Research

Educate yourself about medical ozone therapies using this link. This is by far not a conclusive list but one that should satisfy some as it includes research into ozone therapies.
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About Doctors and Medicine


You know they tell a good story. After all they have a Med degree. They spent about seven years of their life in school so they must know what’s best for me. Right?… Every year in the UK, 200,000 people are diagnosed with cancer and 152,500 people die. In the US, the annual death rate for this disease is approximately 547,000. How many deaths should in fact be recorded as ‘death by doctoring’?


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Use Of Medical Ozone


Every day we hear about diseases passed on to us by common animals we all come in contact with. Why? We know that medical ozone is effective in treating these animal diseases. So why is medical ozone not being used to eliminate these diseases in animals?. Medical Ozone is equally effective against Equine Ehrlichiosis and Potomac Horse Fever and other animals including cattle, …

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Products Used Every Day


So you wonder what all the chemicals that you are exposed to every day are doing to your cell structure, even more what is it doing to our children……Food processing has two functions: to make food more digestible and to preserve food during times when it isn’t readily available. It includes bread, grain products, cheeses, milk products, pickles, butter, everything from wine and spirits to lacto-fermented beverages…


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